Judy is the main protagonist of Avatar: The Legend of Judy.
Judy meter maid uniform

Avatar Judy of the Northern Water Tribe

About herEdit

Born a waterbender in the Northern Water Tribe, Judy is the avatar. Her parents are waterbending masters Stu and Bonnie, and she also has 275 younger siblings, some of whom are waterbenders. She mastered waterbending at the age of twelve, and was told of her status four years earlier than normal, and soon left her home to travel the world and learn the other types of bending. She first went to the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending from the strict teacher Bogo, then to the Fire Nation and learned from Firelady Marian and lastly, airbending from Monk Dundee in one of the air temples. During her time in the Fire Nation, she built a friendship and crush on the heir to the throne, a handsome and sly fox named Nick, who was a very talented firebender. Together, they fought against the evil firebender named Shere Khan, a ruthless tiger who attempted to rule the nation. During the fight against him, Nick and Judy fell head over paws in love, and, after the battle, married, making Judy a princess by marriage. She will one day be firelady.


  • She was born in the Northern Water Tribe.